From group pools to single self-insured risks and RRGs

Brokers' Risk has been a leader in creating innovative and customized Reinsurance solutions since 1979 for a wide range of clients from group pools to single self-insured risks to RRGs.

We will design programs that are tailored to the clients needs to provide an array of reinsurance objectives including limiting liability and catastrophe protection to stabilization of operating results and increased capacity. We work with the client to analyze their coverage needs and identify exposures to then develop a customized reinsurance structure.

We strive to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients and reinsurance markets through consistent and honest practices intended to create profitable relationships for both. With the ability to take a long-term perspective to focus on our client’s needs combined with our industry knowledge and experience, it enables us to negotiate terms and conditions best suited to the customer’s requirements.

Intermediary Services:

  • Analyze coverage needs & identify exposures
  • Analyze loss history
  • Develop/recommend customized reinsurance structures
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of reinsurance contracts
  • Provide administration of reinsurance agreements in conjunction with The Sandner Group - Claims Management

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